I have been photographing just about everything since I picked up my fatherís dusty old Nikon F2 nearly 20 years ago. Many cameras have come and gone since then but what has never left me is the enjoyment I get from my chosen profession. I love photography and I hope that that comes though in the quality of my Imagery.

I have a broad range of experience including commercial, architectural, landscape, location, wildlife, and studio photography.  I also specialize in digital photo retouching
and restoration. I enjoy shooting all types of settings and scenarios, I am particularly passionate about wildlife, nature and architectural photography.

My studio is 100% digital with same day online proofing capabilities. I have been working in the digital realm of photography since the early 90ís and was one of the first to graduate Colorado Institute of Art with a 100% digital portfolio. If needed, I can also work in either small or medium format film.

I am 110% dedicated to every project I take on. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the images my studio delivers we will do our best to resolve the problem immediately.

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